September 30, 2009


Stylist extraordinaire, Catherine Baba is in her own words, "An ejaculation of lifestylizations, DAAAAAAAAAArling!".  That quote pretty much sums up her extraordinariness...her pictures and editorials will back it up.  She channels a jazz infused 1920's aesthetic mixed with oriental gypsy gaudiness through her affection for turbans, fur, excessive jewelry, and the list goes on....She defines "piling it on" but in a beautifully authentic way. BABAISM baby. 


September 29, 2009

Zena Holloway

To say that Zena Holloway's underwater photography is remarkable is an understatement.  Looking through her archive takes you on a magical subaquatic journey where fantasy, imagery, and fluid forms converge and combust in your retinal compartments.  Make sure to check out her underwater films as well.
zena-holloway-91ZenaHolloway1.jpg picture by brokendalek

September 27, 2009

Hardware Studding

Oh so effin uhmazing!

Pile it On

There is a new wave of creativity and indivisualism in fashion and its fun! Making whats old new again, and piling it on in inventive ways. . .

September 25, 2009

Adam Bartos

Loving the color combinations of Adam Bartos' photographs. The washed out tonal imperfections give a worn through time effect and ah its just pleasing.

September 22, 2009

sun drenched

Sun bleached, tea stained, muted gold tones, faded lavender, powdered pastels blended together like sepia tones in a old photo. . .romance and nostalgia all at once- i could go on forever. . .go ahead- eat it!


kaleidoscope of rich color, patterns and reinterpreted embellishments like interrupted sequinz and studz. 80's glam rock. power shoulder. cant get enough.

tough times call for radical minds.

I LOVE this new loco mixed-media montage editorial for October's issue of dazed photographed by Richard Burbridge. It improvises, innovates, and creates a creative journey beyond the conventional standards of couture by using everyday items to create, well...amazingness.
images via dazeddigital
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