January 29, 2010

sixties sex kitten

belle du nuit. bedroom eyes. big tease hair. sixties boudoir. love.http://claire.belliard.free.fr/claire_roversi/site_editorials/2005/09.%20Vogue%20-%20Belle%20de%20Nuit/slides/septembervogueuk05152ci.jpg

Louise Despont

"The possibility of recording time in pages — through a book of drawings is what led me to work in stop motion animation. Both the drawings and the films are about the passage of time and the possibility of the imperfect becoming whole through series. Hand drawing the variations on each print is very akin to the process of animating. With each print the drawing shifts and moves — and begins to come to life as a moving image."


"The interplay and the interaction of light on materials and surfaces has long been a fascination for me. As a research scientist and microscopist I used many optical and lighting techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of materials. I am now exploring the world of caustics - those magical patterns that are formed when a beam of light travels through transparent textured materials."

These are refraction patterns or 'caustics' formed by a light beam passing through a shaped and textured plastic form. Coloured dyes were added to the clear plastic as it hardened adding further distortions to the shapes. The pattern formed by the light beam is captured directly on to 35mm film by removing the camera lens and putting the transparent object in its place. The film is digitally scanned for uploading. Please note these are not computer generated images but a true analogue of the way light is refracted by the objects I create.

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January 19, 2010

Gothic Clustered Embellishment

A dark embellishment of clustered multifaceted crystals, oversized jewels.

January 4, 2010

Cedric Rivrain

all images via cedricrivrain

Photophilia: Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell turns entire rooms into camera obscura by projecting images of landscapes into them and shooting the results.

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