April 29, 2011


"This project emerged from the crossing of two major experiences that happened in 2010, after 2 trips, one in New York City, and an other one in South America. The careful observation of the dark lines, of the wide range of grey tones and imposing volumes that build the architectural concerto of New York City produces a sort of visual trance, and some new shapes are laid out through the imaginative process.  
The geometries built up by the different trajectories and tones remind me of primitive art of Native Indians, and this parallel between original shapes and the utter modernity of the place set up a bridge between my first wanderings inside one of the most urbanized place, and a second errancy through South America, impressed by big spaces, open landscapes and wildlife.
This series of images contains and conveys the notion of time and aesthetic sense which are proper to a specific place throughout the ages, from its simplest mystic expression, to one of the most complex in applied arts, architecture.
What drew me to the Native American culture and visual aesthetic comes from the parallel between the visual aspect New York City and the patterns designed by Native Americans. I first thought that the extinction of this population were the best example of Human evolution, killing the people who worshiped nature to build an artificial world instead. But that’s what happened with every civilizations of Americas, in the north and south.
I’ve chosen the Cherokee name ADAHY because it means «Living in the woods» and it seemed to fit perfectly with the theme."
via doriangourg

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