November 9, 2008

The Mentalists (cool.)

"The Mentalist Association was formed in 2000 AD, by a group of friends in the Maidstone and Medway area of Kent. The idea was to inject some life into their local music and art world, which at the time they felt was lacking many exciting ideas.

They began to organise Mentalist parties at a Maidstone venue, with live music, visuals and artwork and fun and games for the crowd. Word soon spread and now several of the original Mentalist bands have begun to spread across the South East of England - gigging and distributing Mentalist home recordings and fanzines.

Now new projects start all the time as the Mentalist Association grows bigger. There is now strong Mentalist association activity in Brighton and South East London, as well as in Kent, however collaborators can be found dotted across the country, and we hope the noise continues to spread!"
via The Mentalist Association

So...a collective group of artists and bands got together to invent their own unique sort of entertainment, encompassing events, gigs, parties, comics and fanzines. I love their hipster-meets-crusty on crack aesthetic.
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