February 2, 2010

David Maisel

I was super excited when I found out David Maisel was showing is Library of Dust @ Von Lintel Gallery in Chelsea.  I cant explain it better than he does via David Maisel.
"Sublimely beautiful, yet disquieting, the enigmatic photographs inLibrary of Dust are meditations on issues of matter and spirit."
Copper. Oxidization. Corrosion. Decay. ah beautiful decay.  makes my eyes flip. <3

“. . . these canisters hold the cremated remains of patients from an American psychiatric hospital. Oddly reminiscent of bullet casings, the canisters are literal gravesites. Reacting with their ash inhabitants, the canisters are now blooming with secondary minerals, articulating new metallic landscapes.”
— Geoff Manaugh, Contemporary

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